Drive Rapid Growth

Swarm is the innovation system from Silicon Valley.

Drive rapid growth, with the employees you already have.

Deliver real results from employee innovation, fast.

Swarm Vision assess, organizes, trains and retains your innovators.

Drive more growth with higher-value innovations moving faster to market.

Swarm Innovation Profiler

Immediately identify innovators already in your workforce with the 8 talents most predictive of your business growth. Swarm makes it easy, with 99% confidence.

Swarm Innovation Training

Rapidly improve your employees’ innovation skills up to 20% in just 8 weeks. Fill your innovation pipeline with high-value proposals that business leaders actually support.

Swarm Innovation Teams

Easily design stronger innovation teams, and improve existing teams. Over 80% of work today is done in teams. And teams with coverage of all 8 innovation skills outperform the rest.

Swarm Innovation Culture

Quickly assess the organizational dimensions that drive your growth from innovation. Get a clear roadmap to drive a world-class Innovation Culture and System in your company.

Find Your Innovators

The Swarm Innovation Profiler is the innovation talent assessment based on the world’s largest study of successful innovators. Quickly identify the 4 types of innovators in your workforce, and their 8 innovation talents. Align the right talent to projects to improve outcomes by 3X.

Develop Your Innovation Skills

Swarm Innovation Training is gauranteed to deliver bigger opportunities, more breakthrough solutions, and higher throughput to funded projects. Most employees improve their innovation skills up to 20% in just 8 weeks. And Swarm Innovation Training is designed for distance learning.

Design High-Performing Teams

Use Swarm Innovation Teams for deep insight into existing teams, or easily design stronger teams. The team on the left has clear gaps. The team on the right has coverage of all 8 innovation talents. De-risk your projects with Swarm Innovation Teams.

Drive a culture on innovation.
Improve your innovation system.

Even strong innovators need a supportive culture and system. Swarm Innovation Culture quickly reveals the strengths and gaps in your innovation culture, and the maturity of your innovation system. Get a clear roadmap to leverage and retain your valuable innovation talent.



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What People Are Saying

Jon McCormack

VP Global Software, HP

Plenty of tools tell you whether people will get along. Swarm is the first tool I’ve seen that truly assesses whether individuals can innovate and deliver growth.

Dr. Debra France

Head of Learning and Development, WL Gore

The Swarm Innovation Profiler was eye-opening. Our Innovation COE savored the insights it made so clearly and intuitively. It was spot on.

Dr. Debra France

Senior Director Innovation, J&J

Swarm accurately identified our most innovative employees so we could engage then in H2-H3 initiatives. Swarm Training rapidly yielded massive ROI.

Dr. Debra France

Program Manager, Advanced Science & Technology, US Navy

The proposals after Swarm Training were more transformational, and got more support from program offices.

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